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Piston Liners of Izumi brand

We have technicians who are specialized in piston liners particularly of Izumi brand. Not all technicians can work well with Izumi piston liners. Therefore, we train some of our technicians specifically to work with Izumi piston liners to avoid any type of circumstances coming up. Moreover, we are also the authorized distributor of spare parts of Izumi brand.

piston liner is a cylindrical part to be fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. It is one of the most important functional parts to make up the interior of an engine. The cylinder liner, serving as the inner wall of a cylinder, forms a sliding surface for the piston rings while retaining the lubricant within. The most important function of cylinder liners is the excellent characteristic as sliding surface and these four necessary points.

High anti-galling properties
Less wear on the cylinder liner itself
Less wear on the partner piston ring
Less consumption of lubricant

Izumi is the preferred brand for piston and liner in Mauritius due to its quality and reliability. Izumi Piston Co Ltd supplies various different kinds of auto parts. Best quality and prices are our business principle. Hence we use Piston Liners of Izumi brand as it co-operate with global auto parts manufacturers and supply best quality of auto parts to customers all over the world. All Izumi products are produced with OEM quality for all Japanese vehicles.

Accuracy, attention to details, spirit of solidarity, unsurpassed level of corporate culture and responsibility became quality pledge, and all known longevity – a basis of reliability of Izumi's production. Firmness and flexibility are the two basic principles of creation of techniques Izumi. It also exports various different kinds of auto parts like a whole piston liner kit, piston ring, bearing, valve and valve guide.

Izumi has used the most advanced technology available when investing in machinery and techniques to expand its product line each year. As a result,Izumi has gained a reputation as a precision tool manufacturer of automobile equipment and tools throughout the automobile industry worldwide.

Clutch products of Exedy and Aisin brand

We are one of the authorized distributors of spare parts of Aisin brand in Mauritius. Our clutch products include clutch disc, clutch cover, clutch bearings of Exedy and Aisin brand. Clutch is a mechanical device that provided in an automobile for the transmission of power from one component to another when engaged, but can be disengaged. Clutches are used whenever the transmission of power or motion must be controlled either in amount or over time.

Exedy’s clutch products includes large lever type and pull type clutch cover for trucks and bus and DST type, pull type and peak-cut clutch cover for passenger vehicles. Some advantages of using Exedy’s clutch products are it transmits engine torque on and off, minimizes pedal effort while also decreasing wear, a push or pull is required to disengage the clutch. Exedy Engineersdevelop, perfect and manufacture their own friction materials. They produce a material with exceptional friction and wear characteristics that will help engage smoothly, grip as expected and provide you with a longer lasting installation. Disc Spring Dampers is the center section of the clutch disc. Exedy spring-type disc dampers are patented worldwide to suppress engine and driveline noise by absorbing vibrations. Vehicle-specific designs let you enjoy your ride without compromise.

Aisin Clutches hold the largest market share of parts supplied and manufactured for Toyota and is world renowned for quality and reliability. One of Aisin's unique and innovative technologies, the NVR (Noise Vibration Reduction) Clutch proves performance and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. AISIN Clutch Kits combines ideal clutch components to deliver optimal drive train efficiency. It also provides ideal power transfer with precise pedal feel. AISIN is the NO.1 supplier of vital hydraulic components to the Japanese automobile industry. Hydraulics product lines are available in the AISIN Hydraulics aftermarket line-up: Clutch Master Cylinder (CMC) and Clutch Release Cylinder (CRC).

Suspension brands (555) & Suspension bushing of NSO brand

In our garage, we have 555 brand suspension parts. We always keep a stock of all suspension parts of 555 brands. Car suspension parts include springs (leaf springs, coil springs, air springs, rubber springs and more), dampers and anti-sway bars.

Suspension is the term given to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two.

Suspension system is used in an automobile for various objectives:

To provide good ride and handling performance
To ensure that steering control is maintained during maneuvering
To ensure that the vehicle responds favorably to control forces produced by the tires during longitudinal braking, accelerating forces, lateral cornering forces and braking and accelerating torques
To provide isolation from high frequency vibration from tire excitation

Suspension bushing is something in every vehicle that would take all the force when the suspension reaches "full droop” and it can even cause the coil springs to come out of their "buckets" if they are held in by compression forces only.

The brand 555 belongs to Sankei Industry Co.Ltd, is one of the largest Japanese steering and suspension producers. All the products are manufactured under strict control and meet high requirements of the  Certification System ISO 9001. Tie rod ends, ball joints, control arms, idler arms are regularly supplied to assembly lines of various Japanese automakers as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Honda. We always keep stock  555 Suspension Parts due to their higher quality, superior warranty and customer feedback. Occasionally parts of 555 Suspension Parts have been known to be challenging to get. We do our finest to stock a chubby combination of parts by  Sankei 555.

NSO is an original equipment manufacturer of gaskets, seals and bushings for many  Japanese automakers and supplies the same high quality products to the automotive aftermarket. Our wide inventory and selection of spare parts of such brands will give you everything that you need to ensure that your vehicle operates as smoothly as the day that you bought it.

Authorized distributor of Izumi and Aisin brand in Mauritius

Roshan Autoparts are direct importers and distributors of a large range of performance equipment, specializing in Izumi and Aisin spare parts and components for vehicles of different models. We deal direct with the manufacturers and can therefore offer service,backup and support that other dealers cannot. We offer a complete line of machine shop services and products at competitive prices. Capabilities extend beyond what typical shops can accomplish, which insures your engine has the precision necessary to produce results.

Buying from an authorized distributor is an advantage as customer will get the most out of your investment (manufacturer’s warranty and rebate are not valid when you purchase from an unauthorized dealer) and peace of mind (only authorized dealers are able to sell brand-new, non-refurbished, original stock products, complete with accessories and manuals that are made for use in the Mauritius).

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