Engine Boring and Sleeving

This machine is designed to handle the boring and sleeving with ease. Sleeving the cylinders is required to save an engine and return it to its useful life. Whether it is because the engine was worn out or the engine sustained damage from being frozen or from internal failure. When we sleeve an engine, we make sure that the cylinder is leaving a step at the bottom so that the sleeve won't move at all. This machine is dual purpose as it will also resurface all of the cylinder heads and engine blocks within a minute tooling change. Sleeving engines makes good ecological sense because the engine will not enter the landfill. Yes, it can be recycled for the scrap metal value, as well. But, making an engine run again is very satisfying to many, including us.

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Cylinder head surfacing

Cylinder head surfacing is just one of the jobs that are usually required when rebuilding an engine or reconditioning a cylinder head. It is an extremely important job because the surface finish that is put on the head (and engine block) affects not only the head gasket's ability to cold seal fluids and combustion gases, but also its long term durability. The gasket manufacturers do not care what type of resurfacing techniques or equipment is used to resurface heads and blocks as long as the RA numbers end up in the recommended range. It is possible to achieve an acceptable surface finish for a soft-faced head gasket on most cast iron and even aluminum heads by milling, grinding or belt sanding.

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Brake Disc skimming

Brake discs should be resurfaced when there is brake vibration or judder, discs are corroded or rusty, brake pads are changed but new discs are not necessary and when brakes feel spongy. The brake lathe works on the vehicle, by attaching itself directly to the hub. The technology includes an automatic, electronically-controlled, gyroscope system which measures run-out in the hub and corrects for this to an accuracy of 0.025mm. That’s less than the thickness of a human hair! The complete process takes less than 10 minutes per disc. All brake discs can be skimmed at least once. The only time your brake discs should be replaced is when they reach minimum thickness. Leading manufacturers have approved the Pro-Cut process of brake disc skimming. These include Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ferrari General Motors, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Ford.

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Engine Diagnostics

An engine diagnostic is a test which is performed to learn more about why an engine is not functioning properly. Engine diagnostics can be performed by skilled home mechanics with the proper equipment, or a car can be taken into a mechanic or dealer for diagnosis. The engine diagnostic is used to gather data which can be utilized in the repair of the vehicle, and it can also be used during things like emissions testing, in which a car is checked to confirm that it adheres to emissions standards for vehicles in its class. Many critical problems can go unnoticed, and are almost impossible for even a certified technician to pinpoint without a professional diagnostic tool. People usually bring cars in for an engine diagnostic when the “check engine” light is displaying, or when they are experiencing car problems. For optimal vehicle safety and reliability, engine checks should be a part of your annual vehicle maintenance, even if no check-engine light is on or flashing.

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