We offer both engine boring and sleeving services in our work enclosure.  Rottler's Boring and Sleeving machines are the industry standard worldwide. We have Rottler F54A boring machine specifically for this purpose.

Rottler F54A boring machine comprises of following features:

Block Surfacing
Boring & Sleeving
Cylinder Boring AND HONING 
Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Boring means to enlarge the cylinders (where the pistons go) to a larger size. Sleeving is done by overboring the cylinder to its maximum size and then installing a steel 'sleeve' to bring it down in size to stock.

Bore is the diameter measurement of the cylinders in a piston engine. We bore out an engine cylinder when it is worn too much that the rings won’t seal, or if debris had damaged it, or it is out of round, and has too much taper, meaning the cylinder is not the same exact diameter top to bottom. Some taper is done from our side, but too much causes problems, like lost compression, or blue smoke from loss of oil control. Once the cylinder is bored, it then needs to be honed, to get a microscopic crosshatch pattern for ring sealing. 

Typically if one cylinder needs to be bored, then that means new piston, and you don’t use a single odd size piston in an engine, all of the cylinders must be the same size.  Sleeving is the process of actually replacing the cylinder with a new one. If an engine has one bad cylinder, and the rest are good, then a sleeve can be installed in the bad one, and the size can be matched to the others so they are all the same size.

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